Ladies' Cookbook Club

Two of my favorite things are good friends and good food. 

Even better is sharing good food with good friends, so in March 2012 I started the Ladies' Cookbook Club -- a group of like-minded women who meet every other month (or so) to cook dishes from the same book and share food. I was inspired in large part by Tea Austen Weaver's blog post about her Cookbook Club.


We meet every other month (or so) on a Sunday afternoon, usually from 2-5pm.  Due to the space constraints of city living, attendance is usually limited to the first 12 people to sign up.  See the calendar for more info.


My apartment. If you'd be interested in hosting a future cookbook club, let me know!


We (or I) choose a cookbook, and everyone cooks a dish to share at Cookbook Club. Food, wine, and conversation = good times! I also invite the cookbook author to join us. Past author attendees have included Tamar Adler (An Everlasting Meal) and Deb Perelman (The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook).


Join the mailing list! We keep in touch via a mailing list managed by Google Groups. Here’s the link to join: Know someone you'd like to invite to cookbook club? Let me know and I'll add them to the group. The more, the merrier.

Do I have to buy the book to participate? Nope! The NYPL has a great cookbook collection. Through the NYPL website, members can check out a book from any branch and have it delivered to the branch nearest her for pick up. Just click on the "hold" button. Magic!

I’m also happy to loan out my copy of the book (if I have it). Lots of times recipes are also published online.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Send 'em my way!